Author: Holly Bird

Maintain Optimism

Most of January’s creative writing energy was spent working on a blog post I tentatively titled,  "The Tumultuous Relationship I have with My iPhone". My personal experience of creating boundaries around my own phone use was the inspiring factor towards that particular post. Diving eagerly into the psychological research around phone behaviour I acted largely like I was managing editor of The Gateway, not a small-time blogger with phone-attachment issues. Right there  in the middle of my writing, research and editing efforts a new president was sworn into office and everything shifted. There is value in the iPhone blog...

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What I Read in 2016

This was the year I was going to read 100 books. This was also the year I was going to cross off a number of other big goals on the docket. I succeeded in some aspects, failed in others. I wasted so much time beating myself up where I fell short, very little time celebrating where I won (more on that some other time). Despite not making 100 books I came relatively close, and for that I can find happiness. The grand total this year was 81 books. Jon joked to me last night that if I read really hard...

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Pretty Girl, Bad Face

Earlier this month I went to Madrid for work. I was delighted to be asked to go, and I understood from the outset that the four days I was there would be very busy with meetings, congress and presentations. I understood that being in Madrid would be exciting, but that my expectation would be that I wouldn't be prancing about the town, drinking Mahou and exploring the sites. This was difficult to explain to my well-meaning office mates and friends who would light up with excitement when I told them I was going to Spain for work. It's the...

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Two Towel Happiness

I’m not a natural morning person. Nocturnal productivity runs through the women in my family. My Mom and Grandma both have notorious night owl tendencies and my natural pattern of behavior in my early twenties was that of a late-to-bed, help late-to-rise. It’s a long standing joke with my friend Lisa that we planned the 2005 Kin Games in their entirety between 9:00pm- 1:00am. We joke – but it’s not a joke – that’s actually when we did almost all our planning. Waking before 6:00am was limited only to taking flights – that’s it. In the early years of...

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Pal and the Deer Carcass

Last week on an early morning run on Nose Hill I lost Pal. The sun was rising in the distance and when I exhaled I could see a long stream of icy breath. I was wrapping up an hour of running and tight on time, knowing a work meeting was on the horizon and a shower and change was in order. Cupping my mittened hands to my face I yelled his name, and then I began running, following the trail I had just hopped off of. In less than a kilometre I saw a small grey head poke out of...

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