Author: Holly Bird

Two Towel Happiness

I’m not a natural morning person. Nocturnal productivity runs through the women in my family. My Mom and Grandma both have notorious night owl tendencies and my natural pattern of behavior in my early twenties was that of a late-to-bed, help late-to-rise. It’s a long standing joke with my friend Lisa that we planned the 2005 Kin Games in their entirety between 9:00pm- 1:00am. We joke – but it’s not a joke – that’s actually when we did almost all our planning. Waking before 6:00am was limited only to taking flights – that’s it. In the early years of...

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Pal and the Deer Carcass

Last week on an early morning run on Nose Hill I lost Pal. The sun was rising in the distance and when I exhaled I could see a long stream of icy breath. I was wrapping up an hour of running and tight on time, knowing a work meeting was on the horizon and a shower and change was in order. Cupping my mittened hands to my face I yelled his name, and then I began running, following the trail I had just hopped off of. In less than a kilometre I saw a small grey head poke out of...

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Observing the 2.5 Rule

I first learned about the 2.5 Rule when living in Victoria several years ago. The premise is simple: humans can only do 2.5 things really well. We have two elements of life that are given our full priority and one that is given half priority. Everything else is everything else; it registers off the scale in a minuet capacity. Leif, no rx an entrepreneur I respect tremendously, discount first explained this concept to Jon. I was reminded of it again earlier this year when visiting friends in Vancouver. Jordan and Dani just had a baby, and while I played...

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The Summer I Can’t Escape From

It’s Tuesday of a massive workweek. Last night I lay awake on a pull out couch and stared at the ceiling, reminding myself of the date (August 22nd, 2016). I thought of the days ahead, the tasks to be done, the work I’d be undertaking leading up to another huge work deliverable this summer. Other friends have floated the river, camped for multiple weekends in a row, spent time at cabins and lakes. Other friends have sat on patios, had summer BBQs, spent the days hiking, biking and surfing. I have been working every weekend since the end of...

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My Jeep: A Love Story

Twelve years ago I bought a Jeep. I was in my third year of University and to say I “bought” it is laughable, link my parents sold it to me for a sum of money so small I can’t even bring myself to write it down. It was a gift, for sale this silver Jeep Liberty, a way to get around in my final school years and launch me into adulthood. I gave little thought to the Jeep in our early years together, in a classic self-absorbed twenty-something manner. I had a car. I didn’t have car payments.  The...

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