Author: Holly Bird

I get attached and other stopable “stuff”

I get attached. I have freewheeling, seemingly careless, sometimes plan-less moments that last from days to months (to years my parents might argue). I choose the reckless choice, I choose confusing, I choose the money-heavy ill planned options, I go muddy, I have unexplainable life experiences that are sometimes baffling. I end up on wrong trains, wrong trips, sick to my stomach, sick in the head, with bruises and cuts and small victories and defeats. I meet the right people, see the incredible sun rise, sit in awe of myself, shift the car with my left hand and drive left, laughing out loud that this is in fact what I have chose. I sat in front of the computer, the option to go. I scroll between the purple ‘buy’ and the clear ‘delete’ buttons. I scroll. I sit. I open a bottle of wine. I sip. I scroll. I entertain my options. I walk away. I sleep on it, I wake up. I turn the ignition of my car and Springsteen’s Glory Days plays and I go back in and I go upstairs and I bulldoze in and I sit and I go back to the button and I press “BUY”. If Nancy Dixon and Costa Rica could have verbalized a decision that was to be how it came. So I go, backpack full of shorts and suits and...

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After the Fact

Some time to follow up with the Staff Ride photos has been presented to me this chilly morning in Dublin. I have been fortunate to grab some much needed ‘Decompression’ time before heading home (via Toronto, of course) to a little break from this chaos in the Backroads world. Spending a week in Dublin staying with my friend Jill in her flat has been more then perfect. Armed with the resolve to see as much of the city when I can (Who knows when I will be back?), run every day and try a new coffee place every day I have spent many a wonderful afternoon wandering. The end of the Piedmont season was the chaos of the first part of the season, repeated. Finishing off the trips brought a huge exhale of relief that has slowly been sinking in as a true ‘I’m finished!’ notion. The Staff Ride was, in one word, crazy. I feel like this one word can’t possible cover in all its completeness, but allow me to try to explain. The biking was extraordinary, both in scenery and difficult level. Every day we climbed over a mountain pass; every day we gained hundreds of feet of elevation. 10-14% switch backs, slippery cobblestones, wet leaves, high rims all were biking realities. It was grueling, challenging days that were long: the shortest being 60km and the longest...

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