Author: Holly Bird

Forever a Rookie

Most of the most important early lessons about running I learned from my friend Monica’s Dad. You might know the type: a sinewy, lean older man with dozens and dozens of marathons under his belt, a local legend in the running community, a pacer, a racer, a running enthusiast. The guy who’s made all the mistakes but has performed on a high level; the guy who is quick to crack a joke and quick to share a word of wisdom. Monica’s Dad. Before my first road race in 2003 he taught me a few vital pearls I still follow...

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On Motherhood

When I was pregnant everything made me cry. On one particularly fateful afternoon I was out walking when I came across a poster for a missing dog in the neighbourhood. By the time I had made it home I was ugly bawling, crying so hard I was gasping for breath. When Jon asked me what was wrong I started into a long winded diatribe: a family is missing their dog, it’s the saddest thing ever, what if the dog is badly injured, what if the dog was stolen, what if the dog is dead, what if they never find him, how...

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What I Read in 2017

One of the unanticipated outcomes of my personal social media use has been being connected to other people who love to read. I have made new digital friends over a shared love of reading and have also been fortunate to broaden my reading horizons by being introduced to their reading lists and shelfies. I’m struck by how nerdy I sound just by typing this out, but I relish the conversation I hope that ensues (have you read this book yet, I love to read too, what was the best book you read last year, what do you hope to...

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Land Legs

I’m having an experience that is entirely out of body. I see myself watching tears flow from the large group of people and I am caught up in the hugging of this group, which feels strangely like a mosh pit of dancing and emotion. Hug this person, turn and hug that person, hug the next person, all while other people’s tears are drenching my shoulders of my t-shirt that I’ve worn since 3:00am that morning. I am lifting my arms, reciprocating hugs, smiling amid the chorus of we did it and I can’t believe it’s over and can you...

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Laying on the thinly carpeted cement floor of YVR I can feel each of my vertebrae against the cold as I inhale and exhale against the rising tide of irritability and anxiety. My flight home to Calgary is delayed, initially for thirty minutes, then for sixty. Then an additional sixty minutes. I check my iPhone for updates; it is 9:05pm PST. I re-scan the phone. Email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, repeat. I do this in circles until I set the phone down and reach for my book. It is after 10pm. I read a handful of pages and pick...

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HollyBird I’m Holly: an Entrepreneur, marketer and endurance athlete living in the Canadian Rockies. These are stories of my (mis)adventures.

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