Author: Holly Bird

Land Legs

I’m having an experience that is entirely out of body. I see myself watching tears flow from the large group of people and I am caught up in the hugging of this group, which feels strangely like a mosh pit of dancing and emotion. Hug this person, turn and hug that person, hug the next person, all while other people’s tears are drenching my shoulders of my t-shirt that I’ve worn since 3:00am that morning. I am lifting my arms, reciprocating hugs, smiling amid the chorus of we did it and I can’t believe it’s over and can you...

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Laying on the thinly carpeted cement floor of YVR I can feel each of my vertebrae against the cold as I inhale and exhale against the rising tide of irritability and anxiety. My flight home to Calgary is delayed, initially for thirty minutes, then for sixty. Then an additional sixty minutes. I check my iPhone for updates; it is 9:05pm PST. I re-scan the phone. Email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, repeat. I do this in circles until I set the phone down and reach for my book. It is after 10pm. I read a handful of pages and pick...

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Fishing for Garmin

Overzealous and buoyed by the warmth of the Saturday afternoon sunshine, I decided to take my Sunday trainer ride outside. Bundled up in wool performance layers and my heavy gloves, I assembled a patch kit and rejoiced at my good luck of being able to break the spell of this excruciatingly long winter. Driving north with my bike in tow and humming to myself, I was determined and prepared to finally start the outdoor riding season. Choosing a route off of Rocky Ridge drive, I faced early opposition from the winter winds. Given the blustery nature of the gusts I turned...

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Maintain Optimism

Most of January’s creative writing energy was spent working on a blog post I tentatively titled,  "The Tumultuous Relationship I have with My iPhone". My personal experience of creating boundaries around my own phone use was the inspiring factor towards that particular post. Diving eagerly into the psychological research around phone behaviour I acted largely like I was managing editor of The Gateway, not a small-time blogger with phone-attachment issues. Right there  in the middle of my writing, research and editing efforts a new president was sworn into office and everything shifted. There is value in the iPhone blog...

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What I Read in 2016

This was the year I was going to read 100 books. This was also the year I was going to cross off a number of other big goals on the docket. I succeeded in some aspects, failed in others. I wasted so much time beating myself up where I fell short, very little time celebrating where I won (more on that some other time). Despite not making 100 books I came relatively close, and for that I can find happiness. The grand total this year was 81 books. Jon joked to me last night that if I read really hard...

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HollyBird I’m Holly: an Entrepreneur, marketer and endurance athlete living in the Canadian Rockies. These are stories of my (mis)adventures.