Wrote a blog.
Lights went out (rain storm in Dublin).
Blog gets lost. The written part.
Pictures stay.
Holly too mad to re-write blog.
So. Pictures get posted.
Words to follow shortly.

Translation: Once Upon a Time Gelato.
Who worked in Italia this year? Emily, Lesley and Holly did...
Lisa and I on top of the first mountain of the week, outside of Cividale.
Gorgeous scenery everywhere...

Cross over into small town Slovenia.
Rebecca, Greg and Holly give Slovenia some welcome love.
Vrsic Pass: 21 km of 10-14% steepness, 25 switchbacks. I thought I might throw up. I also thought my legs might burst.
Q. What does an aid station for 180 people look like?
A. This.
En route on one of the century days.
Bled, Slovenia.
Team Ireland at a cocktail party... we don't have much fun working there, obviously!
Ljubljana- having its annual marathon when we arrive, above, at night, below.

Holly and Rebecca in Ljubljana.
Sunsets over the wing of the plane, en route to Dublin. Like going home!