Author: Holly Bird

My Jeep: A Love Story

Twelve years ago I bought a Jeep. I was in my third year of University and to say I “bought” it is laughable, link my parents sold it to me for a sum of money so small I can’t even bring myself to write it down. It was a gift, for sale this silver Jeep Liberty, a way to get around in my final school years and launch me into adulthood. I gave little thought to the Jeep in our early years together, in a classic self-absorbed twenty-something manner. I had a car. I didn’t have car payments.  The...

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Yoho on my Mind

It’s Saturday morning in Yoho National Park and outside of our tent I can hear Tak Falls getting hammered by rain. I turn over in my sleeping bag, damp on the sides from the water that seeped into our tent overnight, pull my toque over my eyes and fall back asleep. Jon and I found ourselves in a rare and precious weekend where neither of us was racing, neither of us was working, and neither of us was committed to something else. To make the best of the opportunity we selected a camping trip we'd had on the radar...

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The Meditation Experiment

In April I read an article on Notable called “Why I am Trying Meditation Every Day for a Month” and I was immediately transfixed by Eric’s style of life, which looked incredibly familiar to mine. Also I found myself nodding in agreement at the explanation of his daily habits. Busy, busy, busy. Working, training, life. Email. Social Media. Busy. Responding the to buzz of my phone at every email, turning on my phone right after waking up and keeping it on until bed time. Reaching for the phone hour upon hour, my own electronic addiction, begging for constant attention....

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#DK200 2016

In order to tell this story forward, I first must go backward. It’s the first weekend of June 2015. My mother-in-law is terminally ill and I am planning her Celebration of Life party. It’s a Friday and I feel like if ever I was going to have a mental meltdown, this is it. Most of the day is spent running around, decorating the hall, getting the keg and wine (it was a party) and organizing the team of people who are helping with the event. I run home to change before the event starts and I find myself standing...

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Failure. Defined by the dictionary as, "lack of success, non-fulfillment, defeat, collapse". We as a society don't use the word failure often. We don't fail our school-aged children. We give everyone who competes in races participant ribbons.  We give feedback instead of criticism. We describe our weaknesses as "non-strengths" and our shortcomings as "opportunities to grow". We shy away from the word failure because it's considered harsh, blunt, rude and cringeworthy. Friend and mentor Ellie - who has been tantamount to my growth as a woman, entrepreneur and human being - has often discussed with me about the importance...

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HollyBird I’m Holly: an Entrepreneur, marketer and endurance athlete living in the Canadian Rockies. These are stories of my (mis)adventures.