I tried to check my preconceived assumptions about Texas at the gate in Calgary as I flew south to Houston last week. I’d largely assumed I would be in conservative, republican, gun-toting redneck-ville, a stereotype I am not proud to own and was ever hopeful to erase away.

To my delight, my week away was magic. I slept eleven hours one night. I sat in the sunshine by the pool. I knocked off three books. I discovered this magic almond milk coffee elixir. I pounded back La Croix and walked slowly through Whole Foods. Hillary and I took a quick road trip to Austin, guided by Kait's suggestions as well as Hillary's co-workers and new friends. We watched The Bachelorette. We drank wine. We checked out new coffee places. We shopped at the outlets (but not too much, Jon).We ate Texas-sized portions including these magical head-sized doughnuts we waited in line 90 minutes for.

In short, it was the best 6.5 days I could have asked for.