Fresh off a Family Camping trip and I am having a hard time focusing. I think it might be the incredible lack of sleep. Maybe it is the pouring rain during the trip. Maybe it is that everything I own is wet, rx muddy or caked in wet mud that dried into a ball of crumbling brown/grey mess. I am not sure. At any rate, I had this blog listed as "I Hate Camping" but decided it was more like "I strongly dislike Camping" as I know hate is a pretty big one to be throwing around.

The trip went great with my co-leaders: Rob, a teacher from Michigan and Elise, a girl preparing for law school and Emily, headed to the Peace Corp. An eclectic bunch, we had a mess of guests who never really socially gelled which meant it was like dealing with little kids at a Jr. High dance all the time.

Two glorious days off and then into a long haul of work that will take me all over the state and I will breathe a huge sigh of relief towards the end of the month when the craziness ends and the different craziness begins. Time is so precious and it is only trip leading you start to see how much value there is on your time.

I feel like this blog was written by a fifth grader, so now is a good time to flip my laundry and have some lunch.


A typical Backroads spread. Delicious...

Kayaking in Homer on one of my last trips.

From Ididaride- we go and see the puppies that are bread to one day race the Ididarod, a 100 mile race through the Alaskan Winter in dog sleds.

The little otters poke their heads up sometimes when we are kayaking... like this guy!