I’ve decided to build myself a new website. Actually two. One, personal (that will house this blog) and another, professional (that will be home to my professional endeavours).  After many months of contemplating this, I decided that the difference in websites is necessary. I wanted to make huge peppy mishmash of a website to save myself time and money. Never mind that web design isn't exactly an area of strength for me and the thought of having to make something like that happen sounds about as much fun as going to the dentist.

As such, I have been doing a tremendous amount of online research. Blogs, personal websites, professional, small business, feminine, masculine, bike-related, food-related, and everything in between. I have come up with a few ideas, but mostly I have just added to my already lengthy list of blogs I follow.

Two blogs especially stuck out. I enjoyed reading backwards a bit in both of these blogs and smiling alongside the writing, nodding my head in agreement or cocking my head in confusion. I added to my increasingly large book-marked collection of reading.

As this very busy week comes to a close and the door opens to a very busy weekend, I have started to look ahead to when I can wiggle myself some time off. But also I have been feeling reflective of what this past week and month have brought me.

Jordan. He got married last weekend in gorgeous Kelowna. I drove out Saturday, feeling quite far under the weather and bummed about my rainy journey. Despite the questionable Saturday and Sunday morning, the actual service couldn't have been more sunny and gorgeous. Jord's bride looked stunning, Jord pretty handsome himself, and the simple, concise, lovely ceremony complemented both of them perfectly. I enjoyed getting reacquainted with Jo, a girlfriend from University, and meeting her significant other. I had  a lovely dinner, enjoyed the slide show, the laughs, and mostly the most ridiculous (yet hilarious) speech I have maybe ever heard at a wedding delivered at the hands of Jordan's two younger brothers.

My only real regret from the weekend? That I didn't get a picture of Jordan and I. What was I thinking? Ten years of incredible friendship and it was a joy- a real joy- to watch him get married.

(I actually also regret not drinking, but I had consumed quite a sizeable amount of cough and cold medicine and didn't really want to play with that).

GioBean - I could probably also have titled this "Dorrie" because that was another part of the long weekend. Originally a friend of Jon's, now also a friend of mine, I was housed over the weekend by her. We had lengthy, deep "life is ____, ____ and ____" kinds of talks, and also discussions on why triathlon tops don't fit properly and why learning Italian is essential to the Italian travel experience. It felt so wonderful to let my hair down and share some of the girl-like things I can't here, and two trips to GioBean were a great part of our time together.

LasVegas- Oh My Goodness. I went here! I was the fastest trip I have ever had and as per usual could probably have been an entire blog on its own. However, I am going to restrict it to a few photos and the mental note to myself to expand on my love for this city on another blog at another time.

(actually- kidding about the photos because facebook won't let me copy any of Nicki's pictures. Ha! I picked out two really cute ones, but you'll have to use your imagination).

Tour De Victoria- mostly because I can't count how many times I have taken a cup of water from a volunteer at a road race. It's time to contribute to part of the karma-payment-program and be the one handing out liquid. The 140km road race tomorrow will find me at a tent starting at 7am, cutting bananas, handing out electrolyte, and generally being a helpful person. Currently I am feeling quite envious because I wish I was riding myself, but when I look inside myself and think of what it's like to hand me a paper cup at a race, sweating, drooling, without breath or words or any kind things to say, I know I need to be on the other side of this to appreciate the grace of these kind people.

New jobs- two. On top of the one consistent part time job. Well one that is paying, one I am hoping will turn into a paying gig after my month of volunteering for them is up. One that's serving (and humbling, and all the things that come with a minimum wage, labour style, customer service and alcohol-related kind of gig), one that is marketing, social media, writing, planning style. (I see, I know, the need to get myself a website. Noted.) As my weekly task list increases with three balls in the professional air, I am acutely aware of the need for down time and also my own space so my creativity keeps flowing, my health completely returns, and generally I can be that happy person I know I can be.

Well. Phew.

My website search, blog reading list, research - endless research- list has me stewing on the title of my most recently read. If I wasn't ( ) I'd still be a ( ). Funny enough, nothing came to mind immediately because where I am is exactly where I am supposed to be. That is what I came up with. Enjoy. Onward to June.