It’s no secret I spent much of the first two months of the year in a panicked state. Between family illness, a challenging and demanding work schedule for myself (and partner) along with the impending sense of doom I had while waiting for the results of the CT scan, I had trouble moderating my head to stay level. I did have no problem worrying through most of the first eight weeks of 2015.

The phone call came, the scan was clear, and I was so weak with relief I sat down on the steps outside of Talisman Centre on a bitterly cold winter morning after swim and let out a long exhale. My breath formed a billowing puff of relieved smoke and I decided I could restart the year, effective immediately.

While I know this doesn't make me immune to worry, nor the stresses of adult life, I did know creating a set of goals for this year as well as a 10 year vision (thanks, lululemon!) would help me focus ahead and move forward in a more thoughtful manner for the balance of the year. Life is unknown, but the goals I create help shape my world and my priorities for the year. Here are a few of the things I intend to tackle in 2015.

1. Run the Ottawa Marathon in 3:30:00. Keep mind in tact. Do not suffer a tremendous mental breakdown of epic sorts. Train healthy. Rest.

2. Plant my vegetable garden in May. Don't miss out on early growing season. Forget herbs, move to root vegetables. Dig out more grass for growing. Build barrier to keep little grey beast out.

3. Expand Adesso. Hire. Subcontractors added. New office space found.  Seek out collaborators in new markets. Attend a conference outside of Canada. Pay back shareholder loan.

4. Build a garage in backyard. False. I will not be building a garage but I will hire someone to build it.

5. Complete an athletic 1st. New triathlon distance or gran fondo. Upgrade both road and mountain bike for spring season.

6. Travel somewhere new. Coeur d'Alene for husbands first Ironman in June. Some part of Utah in early April for biking.

7. Update personal blog. Clean up spam, reduce insane amount of categories, change intro and organize past years. Hire someone to help (thanks Kathy!)

8. Send mail. Not e-mail, that thing everyone is drowning in. Legit mail, on real paper, with a pen held by me.

While the list for this year goes on and on, I feel like this snapshot is the step in the direction I need. Onward I go, into this (still) new year.