When I worked for Backroads this was the busiest time of the year.

It was eyeball-crossing, mind-numbing, exhaustion-adrenaline fuelled busy. August would arrive and I'd be a pulpy mess, withered from back to back trips and endless work. Despite the overwhelming hours and crazy long days, I never felt resentful of the busy time. I was making money, I was (mostly) enjoying myself, I was experiencing new places.

This July is lining up to be a similar style of busy, with two big clients with two mega events- both to which I am extremely excited, if not slightly nervous. There are campaigns to finish, photos to take, Vines to produce. I am copy and pasting edits, lining up subcontractors, and scheduling my days to the minute.

It's a beautiful Saturday in Calgary, and I long to be outside. I long to be on my bike, I long for reading a book in my new backyard. I long for the carefreeness of vacation, of unplanned time.

That will come. Today, being an entrepreneur is about an 8am Saturday start. Crossing a few items off the list. Finishing up some lingering writing and proposals. Making a few phone calls. And above all, trying to be grateful for the busy, because is means business, and business means my business is steady. For that, I cannot complain.