I know I am exhausted when I stare at a blank screen, the space bar menacingly blinking. Sucker, it blinks, mocking my brain. I continue to stare. Maybe even drool. My ability to critically think is toast. My creation options are limited. I sit, instead, on the ride back to Victoria attempting to understand why I can't make anything happen.

In writing, that is.

I attempted to write about "one year ago I left for Italy..." and it fell flat after describing my arduous twenty seven hour journey across the pond back to SGV. I also tried to write about the Apple Triathlon (too tired) the week in Kelowna (glorious, too sad to think about now, as I wish vacation would continue on) or the autumn ahead. My head instead pounds in a light, rhythmic headache. Fool! I can't do it. I can't compose. Now I am an artist complaining of writers block! Soon I will be smoking drugs, getting my hair dreadlocked and that full back tattoo to stimulate my creative juices, Victoria-Island-Style.

Instead I will need some onion rings. Or a Blizzard. Maybe a quick bike ride. Or a nap.

More soon...