I got home late last night from volunteering to -my delight- find a letter waiting for me from my long-time friend Sarah. It’s hard to believe I have known her since my St. Albert days, and our friendship has lasted primarily through letters since her graduation from U of A; as she spent many years in Lusaka, Zambia.

We kept in touch entirely by paper. We'd exchange short cards and long letters written on looseleaf, she would send me photos and notes and little mail-able gems from Africa. I, in turn, sent post cards from places I worked, letters that I am sure have reflected my shifting journey.

I was so absorbed in going to bed last night, it was only this morning I sat down with a tea to read the letter. I read it and could hardly believe I found myself crying! Crying with gratitude for how blessed I am to have long- time friends, for the simple joy of snail mail (I don't think I won't ever love that), but mostly for the attitude that Sarah has possessed. As long as I have known her, her glass is perpetually half full. She always has a little (or large) project on the go. She finds joy in simple things (she once wrote a whole blog about the Happiness she gets from cleaning her apartment) but zeal in great adventures, which she has also had many.

As September and a new season starts, I continue to work on myself; my ability to rejoice in exactly where I am am, and the belief this is exactly how my life is supposed to be right now... some really powerful stuff. All embodied, always, by my friend Sarah. I leave you with some of her own words.

"I wake up in the morning thankful for a heart full of love and joy. ..I'm thankful everyday for the solace I have found sharing "home" with my beautiful husband...I've reconnected with old friends... am working towards a meaningful career... I've found a great yoga teacher, I'm doing some great workouts, there are always the road for cycling, walking, running, what more could a girl ask for?"
snail mail I keep on the big desk we have in our little place!