On my way home from the train station after a weekend in Genova (another blog, another time) walking down the main street of San Giovanni (that really feels like home) I am greeted by throngs of people engaging in the Italian tradition of Passeggiata. Passeggiata happens every day (but it is especially busy on Sundays) from about 5:30-7:00pm when people canter around arm in arm. Young people, old people, everyone in town it seems comes out to walk, visit, drink and eat gelato. It marks the ending of siesta and everyone gets dressed up and walks around. Thats it. They walk in their trendy sunglasses, beautiful haircuts, and skinny jeans. I love Passeggiata. To me the beautiful people of San Giovanni's streets makes me laugh. Makes me smile. But mostly it makes me miss my brother.

Of all the people I miss, of all the people that I have missed and will miss in the future, this evening routine in small town Italy makes me miss Thomas. I am unsure if it is the beautiful men. I am unsure if it is the fashion that is so forward it is borderline gag-worthy. I don't know why by damnit, passeggiata makes me miss Thomas.

I can see him, wearing his armani glasses. Insisting pink is the new black in 2006- and then it became the new black. Buying white shoes. Matching his tie in a complementary color. So Thomas Higgins, heres to you.

Love your biggest sis. xo

Looking so manly in Venice, 2006. Plaid was cool then.