Drive the number two for three hours,
stop half way for tea and a change of scenery.
Go all the way North...
to where you spent eleven years of your life.
To a Stadium you belonged to for all those years.

You became a teenager, and then a woman in her twenties,
that same Stadium.
The first place you got stitches,
learned how to drive in its parking lot.
Surprise 16th Birthday held in its dressing room.
Your dog ran the stairs there.
It was there you grieved, with your family
the ending of many football seasons.
It was there you celebrated
when one ended with a new poster for the Grey Cup wall
at the far end of the stadium.
In those cement walls, went from to Jr. High
to High School
to University
to another life
three hours south of that Stadium.

So is it any surprise
that a return to that stadium
would make you hum
Thank God I'm a Country Boy
then Happy Trails
because that is what was always played
every game
every end.

That going back to that stadium swells you full of a love
for the seats and walls and field
McMahon never could
for that Stadium permanently holds
a big part of your life.
A part of who you are.
To celebrate that Stadium,
this Sunday's game.
Is to celebrate You.
Your Life.
Your Journey.

I couldn't resist adding this to the bottom.