I tried to write this blog opening with a haiku.

I tried to write this blog comparing the video content to surfing.

I tried to write this blog with a lengthy discourse on vulnerability, wholeheartedness and leaning into discomfort.

I tried to write this blog about why this is worth 20 minutes of your time.

I tried, but sadly came up short.


I decided to post the video, let Brene do the inspirational talking and see what unfolds.

But I couldn't help to wonder about that haiku. If I had only stuck with the Creative Writing minor I was dreaming about while struggling through Advanced Exercise Physiology.

And folks remember, BREAKDOWN actually = Spiritual Awakening.

Father Christmas, stomach
I would like to open this letter with the reminder of how Good I have been this year. I am not talking ‘Nice Girl’ good in terms of the classic Naughty or otherwise behaviour barometer, rather GOOD like helping the homeless, seek baking for church and otherwise spreading good will sort of good. Listening to crying girlfriends, donating old clothes, bending over backwards for people at work. Wait, that is work and I get paid- never mind. I digress Santa, hear me out.
In my late teens and early twenties my liberal mind was growing in leaps and bounds through my cultural and sociological studies at University. I continued to broaden my worldview and at the same time stopped consuming at Walmart, as if somehow this was actually going to change the world.  I began to write letters to you where my list included lofty presents like, ‘No More War in Iraq’ and ‘Disparity of Wealth between The Rich and The Poor.’ My parents must have been confused by this sudden change in list, as before it read more like, ‘I’d like some new books and sneakers for Christmas’.
I cannot forget the Christmas you brought Hillary and I the Barbie Dream House, because for some reason that one sticks particularly strong in my mind. So although Pink Plastic Walls might not appease me for this year, I thought I would send you a list of the things I would like for Christmas this year. For your ultimate understanding I have divided the items up into two catergories: Material and Non Material.
For the Material Girl:
-A Time Trial Bike. Carbon Fiber please with a component set no less than 105s. If you could also possibly get one where the new shifters snap back into place that would be great. But other than those few things, I am not fussy.
- A pair of John Fluevog shoes, I’d prefer the yellow ones with orange buckles but I will happily take the big red boots with buttons.  I am a huge fan of his shoes, not just because I think I am the "unique soles for unique souls" he speaks of, but because of his fresh, funky, totally different style of shoe. I noticed the styles I am looking at are even on sale on Granville in Vancouver, so maybe check there for a size 9.5s
-Please fix my car so the engine light will turn off and she stops squeeling. The squeeling noise hurts my feelings and makes me feel ridiculous waves of panic every time I hear it.
-I would like a full set of matching dishes, cups, cutlery, and big bowls, preferably in Orange. Maybe a crock pot too.
The Non Material Reach for the Sky Gifts:
-Please take Jason off the list to go back to Afghanistan. I don’t want him to go and neither does Mat.
-Please send Crystal and Apoorve a lovely, healthy baby girl that sleeps through the night. I don’t know too much about babies but apparently this is a nice feature to have in them.
-Can you get North and South Korea to cool their jets? I am tired of worrying about that.
-Can you help my Mum and Dad sell their condo in Toronto because they really want to move.
-There are several people in my life that need new jobs, new opportunities, new hope, new beginnings, assistance with tying off loose ends, moving cities, looking for love, starting over. In short, please send these people to therapy. Or you could send them some extra love and support. That would be great.
Based on my life performance in 2010,  I don’t feel this is too much to ask, Papa Noel. Fill me with that Christmas hope and spirit. The same feeling I get when I drink Eggnog and eat Grandma’s shortbread cookies, lay under a decorated Christmas tree or see a beautiful Poinsettia.
Very Sincerely,
Holly M. Higgins