When I saw that one of my favourite sports-humor columnists was compiling content for an article about triathletes getting married in 2013, I submitted Jon's and my story.  To my delight, Susan Lacke wrote me back and said she'd love to put us in the Valentine's Day edition of Triathlete.com.

So here is us, from the eyes of someone else: Tying the Knot, Triathlete Style

My own blog about the nuptials will have to wait. This is an adorable, short read. But when I say that,  am obviously biased.

I have a trick for coping with busy days. Scratch that- I have a trick for coping with stressful situations. I learned it during guiding and I have managed to employ it (with moderate success) over the course of the years that have followed.

The trick is simple and goes like this:


1. Breathe slowly and count to ten.

2. Shut eyes (If this is deemed socially acceptable in the situation)

3. Imagine something that either: makes you laugh or takes you somewhere happy.
You could say that my Mum successfully planted these seeds of coping, viagra 60mg because when I was a little girl and feeling unwell, viagra 100mg she used to coach me to imagine myself somewhere far away and happy.
For the most part I’ll admit to indulging in fairly far-flung fantasy moments from my travels when the moment arises; however, the laughing part I find it easy to call to mind smaller moments in life that hold a weight in humor.

Case in point would be today. Monday, situation(s), stressful. So I stood at my window and looked out into downtown Calgary.
I didn’t imagine Ireland or Hawaii or Death Valley. I didn’t imagine the Canyons or Alaska or The Canadian Rockies. I didn’t call to mind Paris or London or Santa Theresa.

I just called up Friday Night.

Lisa, of twelve years of friendship and too many epic parties to count, and I attended a Wine Tasting Friday night. I laughed so much that night my face hurt on Saturday morning. I also scribbled on my wine tasting sheet nuggets of wisdom like “Smells like Nail Polish” “Cut off Ear inspiration” “Random Castle” “Trying too hard”. In this ridiculous language communicated between two girlfriends and wine, I feel joy. It’s not far away joy. But it’s joy, nonetheless.
As my busy week unfolds, I promise myself humor. This makes me smile into the late afternoon sunlight.