It’s almost that time.

Time to go again- time to re-load, re-charge, prepare and go.

This time on tap is an 8 day, 250 rider, camping, supporting extravaganza. We begin tomorrow here in San Francisco and finish off on October 6th in Los Angeles. In between looks like plenty of flat tires, water-bottle filling and general morale boosting.

In between THE OTHER RIDE and THIS NEXT RIDE has been filled with a few delightful treasures: exploring Sugar House (the suburb of Salt Lake City where the Leader house is), biking Emigration to East Canyon Summit in Salt Lake City, driving across to Berkeley and chilling in my 3rd Leader house in 2 months. Berkeley is a long winded blog all on its own: that will be saved for another time when I explain how my sister surprised me in Berkeley, how I found a free gym and also how I am searching for the man who walks his pet goat up and down our street.

Interesting? Always.

Til next time.