In transition currently (aren’t we always evolving?) feels to me like you’re sitting on the sidelines waiting for your time to shine.

Gathering your strength slowly, plugging back in, coming to the mirror to face yourself. A time for bolstering your spirit, your gumption, your energy. You harness your plans and goals and visions. You ask yourself big, bold, necessary questions. You walk on the journey towards these beautiful ideas, sometimes taking only little steps. It's as though in order bask in the glory of what you create in your life you first need to lay the foundation, putting the bricks together to make your glorious (albeit figurative) House of Higgins.

So I had to chuckle this morning when I read the parental wisdom that has reached me across the country, without me even asking, but needed it anyway.

Well said, Mum. Well said.

She loved her life and it loved her back. -Kobi Yamada