I keep meeting these people along the way who provide simple yet profound insight on this incredible journey. The newest of the lot is my friend Bernard, an Austrian who manages the restaurant we visit on nights three and four of the trip I just ran a couple times. Bernard is one of those people who proves to you that no matter how well traveled you think you are, you are wrong. His latest stop is Bantry, Ireland for a few months. When we chatted this past trip (which I just came off of yesterday evening) he told me that he moves around as much as he does because staying at home "it eez too borshring". He had to repeat that a couple times before I really understood but I am reminded that there are people out there everywhere living this somewhat different, moderately strange bohemian life I have attached myself too. Curious.

The six day biking trip was a success (self-proclaimed) and now I have a few days between that and my next set of pre-search, this time researching my trip here in Ireland, the Family multi sport. This time I have no plans for my time off. I literally blew myself out of the water on my last batch between the biking, hiking and sneaking into the gym (which is still a blog I have to write).

So I have attached a medley of photos, in no particular order, a few of which are back tracking.

Holly loves trip leading! Notice the three layers in mid-June in Ireland! Yea more rain!

Only in Ireland. The washrooms before getting on the boat to the Skelligs, one of two Ireland's UNESCO World Heritage Sights...
And a 45 minute sketchy boat later we arrive at the Skelligs. These isles were a safe haven for monks for years. They built a life into the tiny island with stones, and made livable bee-hives for themselves. Amazing.

It's a PUFFIN!!!
I was fascinated by these. I wanted to follow them around.

The huts previously mentioned.
Obligatory self-photo. I went with Rebecca, Eoin and Brendan but we neglected to take a group photo, oops.
And backwards now to Carrantuohill - most of these are Eoin's pictures.

Yikes! Don't look Mom! It's me on the top...

Scotty and I

The pier in Kenmare, our home... they have great sunsets although they are now quite late- 10pm or 1030pm

Can't neglect to mention this lovely lady who got married whose wedding I missed. Dug this one out of the archives... and I am hoping she (*finally) got my cd I sent. I guess Irish Fed Ex isn't as reliable as Canadian Fed Ex.
Irish food: chips and curry sauce (left), garlic and cheese chips (right)- french fries with garlic mayo and cheese pieces on top. Only good after riding 100km+
And this brings close to a very random photo edition of the blog. Happy moving Mom and Dad... Toronto won't be that bad... and you get to drive across beautiful Canada! Happy Birthday Caitlin. Welcome to 24. It's a good year, promise. Til next time.

me. xo.