Things I Would Do with Ten Thousand Dollars.

1. Take my family on a trip. (OK maybe not a big one. But a trip).
2. Buy a new bike. Maybe two new bikes. Maybe three new bikes.
3. Give some away. To something worthy.
4. Put it into my RRSP and then buy a pair of John Fluevog shoes.
5. Plane Ticket Around the World.

Things I Would Not Do with Ten Thousand Dollars.

1. Cash it all in for chips at the Pleasure Pit at Planet Hollywood.
2. Buy the $6, 000 VIP Package at the Treasures Strip Club for "Special Attention" and Bottle Service
3. Buy the white ruffled Carolina Herrer dress in the Window of her signature store at the new City Centre (even though it does have that tree-hugger flow look I love so much).
4. Stay in the Signature Suite at Bellagio for two nights.
5. Do the 24 Hour Complete Spa Package at The Wynn.

Spending time in the City of Ultimate Excess, I am struck by the reality of the former things listed here that I Wouldn't Do, but yet I Saw People Doing while I spent time in Las Vegas.

Is it my practicality? Or some sort of strange envy? The thought that someone would drop that kind of cash in a heart beat for something that is so...temporary? It is so far outside of my financial and social paradigm I can't swallow it. Maybe just thought induced by a long antsy plane ride back to the Great White North as I anxiously fill out my customs and duty form.

But if someone bagged up the Carolina Herrer dress, I probably wouldn't Say No.