I’m going away.

Riding with Jody out to Bragg Creek on the #8 yesterday and we are hitting a furious head wind, but as we turn the corner out of the city limits the mountains dance in the distance. I tell her I am going on a trip, away from Calgary.  I point to the mountains. She encourages my radical, nonsensical behavior. Head to BC, she laughs at me, the way all the friends do who truly understand the joy it is to just go.

There are no guests, no guest lists to make, directions to print. There are no bike routes to plan, hikes to worry about, dinner reservations, appetizers to order, emergency contact lists, water bottles, water towers, first aid kits, van bags, bike kits, safety demonstrations, orientation talks, wheels, tubes and handlebars to bring. There is no trailer, no massive van with parking issues and driving difficulties that is in perpetual need of an oil change.

So when I was offered this trek to BC, road trip style, I hesitated for under a minute. Heart says Yes. Go. You Love To Go. Capitals for emphasis. I laugh out loud to the empty Vegas hotel room, loving my strange life and new plans.

I zip up my bags. Dig up my sleeping bag. Drop my expectations.

I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel's sake. The great affair is to move. ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON