April 5th, evening and three weeks of work sits silently on my plate, waiting to be chewed, swallowed and absorbed.

April 5th and I haven't properly had the time to chew, swallow and absorb the week I just had, a week that saw soaking wet camping in Sooke, BC, a visit to brother in Vancouver, a road trip with sunshine and snow and cheap hotels and good pizza and meals that were only a 4 out of 10.  Rice and beans on camping stove, flash card questions. A week of laughter and happiness that I will chew, swallow and absorb while I am swapping vans from San Francisco to Salt Lake City, with the soundtrack of Mika and Dave Matthews in the background. Tea in the cup holder. My eyes on the American Highways that are waiting.

My love affair with movement, of body and travel, reminds me of a musical I saw years ago called I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change. The title song is making me smile, not because I have anyone in my life who I love, think is perfect and want to change, but rather for the clever lyrics of the title song.

I keep coming back all goo goo eyed.
I've been through the ringer and been drip-dried.
I say I'm a mess but I say it with pride
because I...
Keep coming back...
I Keep coming back...

I keep coming back to Calgary. I keep coming back to Backroads. I may be a mess. But I do keep coming back to both Goo Goo Eyed.