We are standing three deep on the cool bare warehouse floor staring at the van I drove from Berkeley to Salt Lake City. Our Logisitcs guy is sick about it, just sick.
THERE IS NO TOW PACKAGE. He tells me in his cool demenor, only slightly irritated by this discovery. Without a tow package the van cannot haul the trailer back to Berkeley (where I am supposed to be driving right this moment). At first I thought he said 'Toe' so for a few moments I am blonde and confused, until I realized this is not the case. TOW. OH.
So we wait in Salt Lake City as the van gets a TOW package put on it, so myself and the other leader can drive another 1.5 days west towards California. Coming off of a 1.5 day drive East, I am pleased for this small bracket of time mid morning.
1.5 days to sit behind the wheel of a '10 white Ford 350, a stark contrast from the small, sleek VW Standard I helped drive last week out to BC. 1.5 days to contemplate my batch of time at home, time primarily spent throwing a small stack of camp and tri stuff into a bag, dropping the wheels off my bike and heading West to BC.
Whirlwind Easter weekend aside, my time at home was spent mostly in BC. The true highlights of the week included a visit with little brother (growing a faux hawk I am quite enjoying), camping on the coast in Victoria (mostly in wind and rain) and seeing a part of my country I haven't seen. Our swapping of ipods, stories and questions, running into strange situations (sure Jon, let me move that tree off the road so we can drive through... that seems smart and safe) was a lot like what my life is like most of the time, although admittedly everything is better with a companion in tow. It makes the stories and photos just a little more interesting.
My cell phone rings interrupting my writing. THE TOW PACKAGE IS A TOUGH INSTALL, the man on the other end informs me. WE ARE GOING TO NEED A FEW MORE HOURS. The sunlight is streaming through the windows of the Salt Lake City leader house. I wiggle my toes in my flip flops. Alex suggest we go find a Burrito Truck and I agree. We prepare to walk off into the brisk Utah lunch time looking for real Mexican food, waiting for our tow.

Gorgeous downtown Victoria... wish I could take credit for this photo. I cannot!