We didn’t frequent the Chinese food buffet when I was growing up, but occasionally my parents would take the three of us. This meal was always met with extra squeals of delight and excitement. Where else could you have ginger beef, macaroni and cheese AND bubble gum ice-cream for dinner all on one plate? (Apparently the chinese food buffets were "Chinese" and "American" style food blended). 
Writing a recap of the last few weeks feels a lot like being at the Chinese food buffet and looking down onto my plate and giggling at the bizarre blend of food on it. So when I look at the photos and write the descriptions, I allow myself the ability to be as random as the ginger beef, macaroni, bubble gum ice cream combo.
This is my new cruiser bike.  Jon surprised me with her a couple weeks ago, and I quickly named her Tinder. This bike is special because she survived a fire at a bike store, and managed to escape with only a couple slight discolorations. She is my fourth bike, and I have enjoyed buzzing around our neighbourhood on her.
Open water swim at Ghost Lake the first weekend of June. The water was 10 C and breath taking (literally-cold). I put on my wetsuit and missed Victoria, HPR, the lakes, the early evening open water swims.
Our brief trip to San Francisco featured my final trip on my well-used, well-loved passport. As sad as I am that it's about to expire, I am tickled by the fact a brand-new 24 paged blue book will arrive on my door step. What kind of adventures might fill it in the next five years?
Jon's race found me playing spectator instead of athlete, a roll I relished. I was, however, a little envious of the athletes. When I am racing I look at the bright-eyed, happy faced cheering people and wishing that I was them, not a heaving, sweaty, snotty mess. When I am watching I wish I was racing. The irony is noted. 
These were the most poignant words of wisdom available from the tourist-overwhelmed Fisherman's Pier.
This is more like the San Francisco I remember. 
Our trip featured quality friend time (Mike, Meghan and Ari), some touristy and not-so-touristy sightseeing, and really delicious eating and drinking. This included visits with old Backroads friends (including an ice cream social!), trips to the best hidden Mexican food and the best coffee I've had outside of Italy (next to GioBean). 
Two of our tourist stops: Lombard Street (above) and the Cliff House (below).
The view from the restaurant Cliff House. Although I was skeptical based on its uber cheesy website, one bite of the crab eggs benedict changed my mind. Ari and Mike were the smarter folks here, waiting until after the race to fire up a carbo and fat-loaded brunch, I happily indulged four days before my first race of the season. Yay, and simultaneously, oops.
Finally but noteworthy, a trip to AT& T Park and a Giants game. The four of us ate in the club house seats, delighted in the silicon valley chatter behind and the incredibly intoxicated mom in front of us who kept offering candy. (I said no, Jon said yes). I also got to introduce Jon to the Great Brodie Brazil, whose legendary stories live on in our family the way long standing inside jokes do.
Plate emptied (for now) and stomach aching with the over-doing of good things, it's time to step forward into summer.