“My shower has a fun button” Mat reported matter-of-factly to us sitting in the living room. The sliding door was open and the mountains were within arms reach.
I giggled. That didn’t seem possible.
He continued to insist so I went to see for myself. Sure enough, on the shower controls a small black circled button, FUN. I thought this was hilarious and let myself lapse into a fit of laughter so hard my sides ached.
So this would be the theme of the long weekend that just passed. I made a few small ground rules pre-weekend.
1. Ride a bike everyday.
2. Eat something different and delicious every day.
3. Sleep in.
4. Have as much fun as possible.
Lucky for me the list was short and sweet. I easily knocked off each item over the four day spread, managed to sneak out of town to the mountains, and let myself relish in some time away from life.
I went into the shower and pressed the FUN button. Multi-colored lights danced in the bathroom.  I laughed again. I love long weekends.