This is Thomas, Holly's younger brother writing this blog on her behalf.  She is finding it difficult to focus on a computer or anything for that matter for too long.  I am informed that I will be the first Guest Blogger in 5 years.  Lucky me, poor Holly.  You are most likely wondering why I am writing this instead of Holly, well....  Let me explain.

Last Sunday Holly had an Mountain biking accident in Canmore.  She doesn't remember most of that day, however the accident has left her with a serious concussion, broken right elbow and two broken ribs.  Between the elbow and the head there is just no looking at the computer.

Our dad after a Football game, use to come home sometimes wearing a sad face.  When we asked what the problem he would rattle off a list of injuries, heave a sigh, and finish it off with "nine game injured".  In our world that would mean that player would lose half the season to injury.  So on monday night when we are taking stock on the injuries from Sunday, my father looked at me and said "I think your on the nine game injured."

Sorry to the birthday I missed (Caitlin), the anniversary (Mom & Dad) and for the future dates that I will also miss due to my head injury.

I would like to finish this blog saying I'm optimistic, happy, and hopeful about the healing in my future but this would be an outrageous lie.  I'm throwing Canada's biggest pity party of one.  Mourning the cycling, racing, swimming, and running I'm about to lose.

“Smooth seas do not make skilful sailors.” African Proverb