a morning email that made me smile. big time. reprinted with permission from the author, swearing and un-neccesary extra chiding removed. HH

Subject: Queen of the Desert


Jeezzzzusss! I knew you'd been out there plenty but DAMN girl. Have you looked at the website lately? You're mug is EVERYWHERE for the photos of Death Valley. How many freaking four day-ers did you do there anyway? Still stopping at the Gas Station Brothel en route out? Nothing like the Cherry Patch to get everyone stoked on Nevada. Caffeinated to the nines from the 5:45am beat the window outside Starbucks in Boulder City Grandes to push through an 18 hour day?

We've been hollering over your ridiculous lets-find-a-five-dollar-black-jack-table-and-drink-for-free night in Vegas, the time you got us free Cirq tickets for cheap because you talked the guy into believing you were press. M and I still laugh at the time you dumped a load of snow on the guest from the trailer in Denali. Legendary Higgs, L-E-G-E-N-D-A-R-Y.

When you coming to see us folks, huh? Going to round yourself out in the company with the half decade in the desert, RIGHT?

Love: _________

PS. Get a F***ing new backpack woman! You're using the same orange one from '08. Gear is the new currency, it's time for you to get something that doesn't flop side to side.