Or, as in my third year statistics class, multiple guess.

1) I am back from:
A. My first Ireland trip
B. My first European trip
C. My first Biking trip
D. All of the above

2) I now have this much time off:
A. 24 hours
B. 3 Days
C. 7 Days
D. 14 Days

3) The Gaelic word 'Craic' means:
A. Beer
B. Cider
C. Good looking men
D. Broken Car Windshield
E. Fun

4) Holly considers her first trip a:
A. Smashing success
B. A moderate success
C. A total gong show
D. Like a drowning woman gasping for air

5)True or False:
Holly hasn't worked with one woman trip leading yet this year.

6) True or False:
Holly was kind of a big deal at the Irish wedding.

7) True of False:
Holly can now dance the Irish Jig.

8) Select from the following list:
Which new skills has Holly learned since arriving in Ireland?
A. Driving on the left side of the ride
B. How to tell Irish Whiskey apart
C. How all the biking and multisport trips run in Ireland
D. Explaining what the 'Flight of the Earls of 1602' translates into for modernity in Ireland
E. All of the above

9) Holly has been to which of the following places in Ireland since her arrival?
A. Cork
B. Baltimore
C. Kenmare
D. Kinsale
E. Kilgarvan
F. Bantry
G. Glengarrif
H. Ballylickey
I. Bonane
J. All of the above

10) What is Holly planning on doing on her time off?
A. Sleep
B. Ride 500km over 5 days
C. Go to the Skilligs
D. Go surfing on the North shore
E. Do yoga in the living room
F. Make homemade granola
G. Read 4 books
H. Sneak into the Park Hotel's swimming pool
I. Harass Scotty
J. All of the above.

Ha ha! Lets see how you did.

1. D. All of the above... whew! No wonder it was an overwhelming 6 days.
2. D. 14 Days ... I might get some hourly work next week so really 7 for sure.
3. E. Fun... it is said like 'crack'
4. C. A total gong show... Please refer to question #1
5. True- I'm afraid I no longer can relate to women.
6. True- ha ha, as if that was even a question!
7. True- Eoin taught me at the wedding. He may have been feeling the effects of too much Guinness, but I recall with great clarity the dance. Thanks to my smashing success in Social Dance, PAC 101, I'm sure.
8. E... and there is still so much more Knowledge of Area to learn... sigh!
9. J. All. Cool, huh? Thats a huge chunk of the coastal lines of West Cork, and there is still SO much to explore.
10. J. I have the time!

I hope you enjoyed this first instillation of Multiple Choice Exam. And now. It is time for me to go to bed.


Bantry House and Gardens in Bantry... one of the stops on our Biking Ireland trip.

Hint: your van should NOT look like this after your food buy on prep day. Boo.

Seriously? Phhhfwt.

Hey, hey! An old crumbling church and graveyard in Ireland. Wow, thats totally different. This one is right outside of Kenmare, my home.

Ce moi... riding the backroads to Kilgarvan right before I got chased by a sheep dog that I had to spray with my water bottle while I was riding.
Eoin and I at the Irish wedding.

Post trip Spenser (middle) and Scotty (right) and I had wine and whiskey. To celebrate. To unwind. Helpful hint... wine and whiskey do not go that well together. Yuck.