One week ago I had stumbled into town after a plane, train, cab and bus (the usual Backroads multi-vehicle travel way) to Kenmare Ireland, my home for these next few months. Seven crazy days later I sit and check out the drizzle outside (I am told it is a soft rain... like the Canadians have different ways of describing types of snow the Irish have for describing rain) and pop out a couple words for the blog.

It was hard to say goodbye to Hillary after two incredible weeks of Euro adventure, but it is so great to be settled again. The leader house is lovely (and that simply cannot be said for many leader houses in this company!) and I have enjoyed my time with the only other BR employees here (for now) Eoin and Scotty. The town is like Canmore but not Canadian or really in huge mountains (there are mountains... just not of the magnitude of the rockies) but similar rather in its charm. Pictures of the city and the boys to come.

This week has been swallowed up entirely by pre-search (backroads slang for research) with the three of us. What we've been doing is going through all the upcoming summer trips with a fine tooth comb and double checking accommodations, routes, bikes, hikes, restaurants, little towns, issues, etc. It has been great to take little road trips all around the area and check everything out. I am simply delighted by everything I have seen (they boys think its funny- Scotty has worked here for 7 years, Eoin is Irish) and have been taking pictures and marveling like crazy. What can I say... I feel lucky!

Here are just a few pictures from our pre-search. Enjoy!

I hate to keep repeating... "it's SO wonderful..."

Seals on the ferry over to Garnish Island.

In response to Mum's statement: "YOU'RE never in your own pictures!"
Checking out Glengarrif, Scott (left) and Eoin (right)- maybe next time I will add their faces in.

Notice the sign the pint gets smaller? On the side of a building in a small town we drove through.
It is good for you? Really?

We journeyed to a town called Baltimore on our research. We ate at a local pub, slept at a hotel on our trip and checked out the area. They have this one place called 'The Beacon'- a small walk/hike to the top of rugged cliffs where you are literally surrounded by the quintessential Ireland waters... completely incredible.

Like these ones?
The sun sets over the cliffs of Baltimore on our researching. The light house is in the distance... but there is no one on these cliffs.