It is late at night in Ireland (!) and I am preparing for bed after a long day… a long three days. But I knew I had to spend some time putting up a couple of pictures for the fan club (ie: Tom and Sharon). I will fill in the blanks on my time here in a few days time. Maybe the net will be quicker. Scott (co worker here) calls it ‘Irish Luck’.

Here is us at Notre Dame. I think there is another one without the glasses. But I like the glasses.

A certain someone suggested the Strawberry Pastry.

Me, at tree. Kensington park, London.
I am thinking this is a classic tourist move.

We developed a wee bit of a crush on the tube system in London. Its fast. Its sexy. How could you not?

outside of the Canadian gates at Buckinham Palace. Not surprisingly, this was my idea.

See above note on underground...