L Boogie rocking out, L Boogie Style.

Tomorrow is an exciting day... tomorrow is the day my darling friend Lacy Gets Well. She goes for surgery to put an end to the long journey she has been on. A journey of being Un-Well.

I cannot be near Lacy; so instead I am going to tell the world all the things I love about her. I love Lacy's laugh and how she scrunches up her whole face with the staccato pitch that resonates from her heart. I love going to her for advice and wisdom, and for these pearls that we've shared with each other over tea, coffee, Dairy Lane, yoga mats and wine for five years. I love her wild curly hair and her surf yoga keds dress sense of style. I love when she drove out to Canmore when I was in my BR training and I love how she always tells me to Go For It (whatever IT is). I love that we've had conversations from all corners of the earth; from Costa Rica to Morrocco to Sweden to Lithuania, from hysteria in The Yukon to Skype to laughing over Edmonton surf trips. I love that we've shared crazy experiences: falling in and out of love, living all over the world,  changing jobs, changing homes, moving to Calgary, moving away from Calgary, moving back to Calgary and yet can still find joy in going somewhere for a cup of green tea on a Friday night. I love the strange, bizarre, random and wonderful things we have done together.

The world needs people like Lacy in it.

Sweet Lacy! Be Well my girl. I cannot wait to see you when I get home. If you read this: send Lacy a kiss, hug, high five, extra spicy caesar or a prayer her way for her new cancer-free life that waits after tomorrow is over.

Maktub; One Love Sister, xoxoh2