By a book I picked up
while waiting in a town upisland
all one word “upisland”
I like that.

Also inspired by this (I usually am)
which was inspired by that
so really it looks like
a lovely chain of inspiration
a wave, perhaps?
I choose to ride.

I let my inspiration unfurl
and I make lists
I learned that from her the best at it!
So I decided this Spring will bring me
trying out this new place, also this, and this
trying the new
but rejoicing in the favourites: tried, tested, true.

I'm dying to get my hands on these
which will come as a reward on the completion
of this, or maybe this.
Or maybe just a pay check or two more.
I'm really dreaming of this,
but that might be a next year dream.
I will be OK with that.

As for where I live,
it's time to see some more, like here, and here
possibly would like to go back there
where we first vacationed
as freshly linked couple.
I remember thinking

I can't believe people live here!

excited to be outside here
americano and journal and pen
smiling into the sun
can't forget the best brunch on a lazy weekend.
I love this
and can't wait to do more with these folks.

I can't wait for these paired with these and painted toes!
long days and late sunsets.
sparkling water twisted with lime
and local produce.

So I let the original inspiration sit
seep into my spirit like my favourite cup
looking forward to
the weeks coming in my own life
and the bold promise
of the joy of summer on its way.