Inspiration in its many forms has found me through an old University friend Alex as I was reading through his latest post. I am always in awe of the people I know, the things they do, and ideas they have. Lucky am I to be engulfed in a sea of amazing people.

Alex's concept is simple, and borrowed from a friend of his. One hundred days of summer, stretching from Victoria Long Weekend (also known as May Long Weekend to my non- Canadian friends) to the beginning of September. What would you like to do? Never to shy away from goal setting, commitment-adding, idea creating, I was jazzed on the concept.  Coming from myself, a girl with a Bucket List as long as most restaurants monthly Costco haul, it was difficult to pair it down to a manageable, tangable summer-long endevour list, but I think I did alright.

1. Bike the Golden Triangle - already complete. The beautiful 320km, three day trek was as magical as I could have hoped, better than I could have imagined! I could tell how magnificent it was, both the cycling and the company, as I immediately suffered from PVD as soon as it was over.

2. Cut, paste, and decorate a new vision board (mine is now three years old).
3. Have breakfast at Wild Flour and spend the day hiking in Banff, not for work.
4. Ride the 160km Canmore to Louise return, stop at Laggan's for three Health Cookies and chocolate chai half way.
5. Drink Guinness on the Patio of Ship and Anchor.
6. Plant a small pot of flowers on our tiny patio, teach Hillary how to care for them while I am away.
7. Go to an outdoor concert.
8. Try a new coffee place in Canmore.
9. See a national park (or 2) in Utah while I am there for work.
10. Race in another triathlon.
11. Take Hillary out on a bike ride, as soon as she buys a new bike.
12. Scrabble, cider, mojitio night(s) with M & J.
13. Adorn full cowboy attire and attend at least one free pancake breakfast over Stampede, and one evening of "Stampeding" where crawling the grounds, fried food, and alcoholic beverages are involved.
14. Outdoor yoga class.
15. Cheer on The Bird at two ITU events.
16. Stay at a campground I have never camped in before.
17. Watch the sun rise (Thanks Alex, I had to borrow that one from you).
18. Celebrate Grandma's 80th Birthday, also complete! Yea Grandma!
19. Learn a couple tangible mountain bike skills
20. Impromptu BBQ at Edworthy
21. Attend an outdoor farmers market.
22. Plan a really cool holiday for the end of peak work time.
23. Buy new flip flops that cost less than $5, get toes painted to match new flip flop colour.
24. Swim laps in an outdoor pool while in Salt Lake City.
25. Cook something new once a week for the other five people living in the SLC condo.
26. Coast around on a cruiser bike for an afternoon wearing a bikini and a tank top.

Twenty six may be a bizarre number for this list, but I am twenty six years old, so why not use that arbitrary number? List making makes me smile (I am my mothers daughter, a list- maker at heart) and thinking about the days of summer ahead are adding to the lift at the corners of my mouth.