Here is a great diet idea:

Get really, really sick on an Irish Stomach Flu and stop eating for five days. Stop drinking anything besides water, chamomile tea, flat ginger ale and innocent smoothies (quick side note. Innocent Smoothies are these amazing - albeit expensive-smoothies from the UK that are amazing. Wow. I have built them into my budget just so I can have them. Delicious.) and lay on the couch reading books and watching movies. Lose eight pounds. Eight. Good grief. I could hardly believe it when I got on the scale this am at the pharmacy!

On the upswing, things look bright: the thought of food is mildly appealing and there is no trips to lead until July 5th. I am back at work presearching for upcoming family trips tomorrow. My lovely co-leader Matt suggested if I am still under the weather tomorrow that I bring a 'toss' bucket (he's English) and lay down in the backseat while he drives. What a sweetheart.

My best from Ireland...

(This is a picture from our last trip outside of Timoleauge Abbey!)