I’ve left almost six blog postings undone since the first week of February. Unwritten. Unfinished.

This is so very unlike myself, to start a train of thought and left it unfinished. (Corrected: it is so unlike me to start a train of thought, left it unfinished and return back to it weeks later, still unfinished). So on this snowy Sunday when a light dusting of winter sits outside my window, I am shocked at myself and what I haven't managed to complete.

In the pieces of unfinished writing there is a posting about my visit with Sarah- a Sunday evening visit long over due after years of swapping snail mail all over the world-my second attempt at aquathlon (much better than the first) and my life inside of my new career. Also there is a post with a few sentences about babysitting my dear friend's 13 month old daughter; my need to get away for a few days (abandoned in favour of searching kayak). So instead of berating myself for leaving these undone, I am grateful for the little pieces that have made up this last month.

During February I was involved in a series of important events on the career side of my life. On one particular occasion I was in an office in downtown Calgary. The board room we sat in gave the full panorama of the Calgary Tower. We were negotiating. Negotiations. I smoothed the front of my borrowed dress. My borrowed office clothes. All the things I haven't figured out yet. This adjustment. In the distance I could see a plane flying. Low lying.

Soon, I promised myself. Soon.