this is where I am, now.

January ended like a soft sigh. It had the gentle closing like you would tap a door late at night so as not to disturb the person sleeping in the bed. With a gentle click of the trusted old knob, and another month is complete in the books. I spent a hefty part of the month feeling like a small circus, without the brightly coloured bits and the tedious, headache inducing music. The bright spots of the month remain, bringing a smile to my face. I am exasperated by the frantic pace of the month past, the adjustments (oh, the adjustments!) to moving, setting up shop and beginning new work. I am delighted by the connections and reconnections. I am also feeling the need to slow down, and in hopes of doing so creates a beautiful new flow for me stepping forward.

Delighted by HopeRevo, a website I stumbled upon months ago when looking at rebuilding my blog, a gentle nudge from Jon this afternoon and my own nagging thoughts, I decided it was time to put pen to paper and start the accountability train. What was produced was this list following, which I have cut down to reduce some of the clutter.

On the top of the page I wrote:

Everything I’d like to do this year. I wrote in blue pen, because that's my favourite. For good measure I followed it up with these three words:

No holds barred
A sign to myself this was not a list to be edited by the logical side of my brain. Then it went a little something like this.
Race in a diff kind of triathlon
Buy a cruiser
Learn to ride a mountain bike
Get faster running
Bake things different than the usual
Cook More
Throw a themed party
See somewhere new in North America
See somewhere new in the world
Succeed at my job
Develop a better sense of financial wellness
Light candles more often
Develop a more extensive vocabulary
Think hard about where I want to be in five years
Put down some goals to paper

Rediscover my green thumb

Do yoga more often
Go back to a comprehensive lifting routine
Write in my journal daily
Get published again
Develop a better blog template
Save some money
Fix my headache problem
pick up playing the piano again
Write more love notes
Volunteer for something meaningful
Leave Calgary at least one time per month for the next twelve months
Being that the first few things that flew out of my mind and onto the list were all athletic based, its clear I have a calling to really sort some of those items out. I am delighted, however, to note the artistic pieces of me still trying to break through into my daily world.  this video is the one worth the watch. I found the video and the case studies surprising and also simultaneously delightful. I like what the researcher claims is the purpose of life, and also his declaration on happiness: enjoying where you are, right now.