I’m fascinated by people.¬†Further to this, I am fascinated by people I know.

There is the usual sense of awe I generally experience when it comes to the people in my life. I once read a study about how we morph into the people we spend time with the most, so I try to surround myself with really wicked folks. This is in hopes the natural osmosis of awesomeness and grandeur will rub off on me. I also take extra delight when I meet someone of the odd and incredible variety, insomuch I hope to learn about what makes them tick.

One such person is Daniel. I met him via Lisa (one of my nearest and dearest) during the celebration that was her wedding. Daniel reminded me of people I worked with at Background: a guy who marches to the beat of his own drum, unapologetically. His love for art and his total pursuit of the craft I found inspiring. We bonded over a shared interest in travel (both extensive) and experiences (although I am seldom to admit this, his certainly trump mine. Maybe it's better said his are far more radical).

When Facebook told me that Daniel was locking himself in a box for five days in downtown Calgary, I was delighted. Calgary can use this kind of 'Life as Art' time out from its blustery business-like briskness. As noted on the Facebook event page, "taking on the most popular pedestrian street in downtown Calgary as its canvas, Cavernous Isolata iii explores the themes of exposure, ritual, routine, artistic process, spectacle, deprivation, endurance, habitation, apathy and the consequences of isolation. For the artist and views alike, the results are unpredictable."

Congratulations Daniel on an amazing experience.