From most major nutritionists and a significant portion of my own eating education, I understand completely that my current "snack" isn't quite what one would regard as "healthy" and the time I am eating it not "appropriate". (Heavy pause to dip spoon into nutella jar). Riiiiiigggght. I am dining while typing on my computer trying to do random, last minute asides (Where can I get an Alaska SIM card? Where is the leaderhouse anyway? Why are my hiking boots so damn uncomfortable? Should I have broken those in pre-Alaska? Do I bring my wool long underwear or my football game long underwear? Why don't my toiletries pack themselves? Why did I stupidly unpack my emergency drug kit post-Costa Rica when now I am searching for the drug bottles from the emergency drug kit? How come my hair style when air dried looks like a little boys mullet from 1988? Do I really want to go back to work with Backroads? Why can't I marry rich, produce babies and stay hot as my career? How come my $20 manicure is chipping?)

There are too many questions for proper contemplation so I dip my spoon into the nutella jar to add some more to the wasa bread. Nutella, if I can ever find a man I love as much as you, I will know it is real true love.

I am wearing two different wool socks around the condo and I decided instead of taking either or I will take both. I am leaving home with three suitcases, but one is a backpack that is full of camping gear, which doesn't count, and the other is a carry on, also doesn't count. I am going to the land of the midnight sun, where it never gets dark, where there are more bears per square foot than anywhere else in the world, where I am going to open up my 2009 season with no returning leader training, no FAM, never having been to the state or before a few days ago know how to properly spell 'Anchorage'. I hope I will be fine. Cough, cough. Insert more nutella here.

But at any rate the train is going so here we go. I will miss all the wonderful people here, Monday morning breakfasts at DL with the wonderful LB, the lulu girls and our life happening over wine, Lisa and every hilarity her and I find ourselves in, all the great Alberta people, my Gma, my sis and her condo and my little life here. I can wine on about how great my life is right now, blah blah, but I am going to dip my spoon into the nutella again, avoid the nutritional information and zip my suitcases.

Lisa and I at J Po's wedding.

The Phys Ed girls at J Pos wedding horsing around on a soccer field near the church.

Yea! Jen and Jordan get married. Yea! There was an open bar.
Mat and Jason... hosts with the most.

Mat and his culinary skills... I was spoiled all weekend!

Crystal Chokshi comes for a great but all too quick visit...

Yum Yum! The Farm!

And we celebrated Grandma's birthday too!

More nutella... more wasa... more packing.
In one wool sock on each foot,
in packing madness.