When I worked at lululemon in the ‘early 2000s’ they had just introduced the wildly popular reusable bag. One of the earliest iterations on the bag was a Charles Darwin quote, "it's not the strongest species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsible to change". I felt lukewarm on the quote for a reason I could never really articulate; I liked the reusable bags but never understood the rationale for that particular saying.

Fast forward to now. When I think about the last few weeks all I can think about is the quote from Darwin. I can't help wondering if my own survival of this phase of life is leaning heavily on my ability to adapt to the change coming down to the pipe.

In addition to the building of my business, Jon and I found out earlier in the year that we were going to need to vacate our adorable rental by the University. This sparked the movement towards obtaining a mortgage (considerably more difficult as an entrepreneur), searching for a home and buying a place of our own.  Happily I can report that despite the juggling and hoop jumping, the red-hot real-estate market in Calgary, we managed to find a home just one neighbourhood away from where we are now. We move in to our new abode in two weeks, a timeline expedited by the selling condition and our what-the-hell-may-as-well attitude to getting into the new place.

The same day we had our home inspection, Dad mentioned he was talking to Montreal. When it comes to pro-sport, talking can mean very little (or in this case, everything).  One day later he phoned to tell us he'd signed the papers. The following Monday it hit the press. Their home went up for sale. They went to Montreal to look at houses. Just like that, Mum and Dad are east-bound once again.

My sister had been talking about the possibility to accepting a new job in Houston. She first mentioned this back during the marathon weekend, and it dangled in the background of our conversations for the following six months until- on the very same day Dad told me he was talking to Montreal- Hillary signed her paperwork for a full transfer to Houston. Her moving date very ironically is the same day we take possession of our house.

When Mat called last week, I was already ready. "Let me guess," I said to him, shuffling the mortgage application paperwork around my crowded desk. "You're moving." Confirmed, he tells me he will be relocating to Ottawa before spring comes.

As these changes whirl around me, I wonder about the time I chose to leave home and go on a big adventure with Backroads. What was so calming to me was the thought that everything at home would stay as it was and I could return back to my life, plugging myself back in whenever I decided to return. With this series of life changes I have to keep reminding myself these are all positive  but occasionally I get caught up in the fact every thing seems to be happening at once.

Cue Darwin here: my thriving in the next few months leans heavily on my ability to adapt to these changes, accept them, embrace them.

I make a mental note of the positive notion that many frequent flier miles are coming my way.

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