Early March and I find myself full of longing (as often I do this time of year) for the desert. Call it frigid temperatures, or a whole tidal wave of change, or perhaps the general "busy-ness" of life. When I close my eyes and dream of where I could be, it is almost exclusively in the sand and mountains of California, just a short drive from Las Vegas.

While I regroup from a few intense weeks of life, and gather my thoughts together to make more than one coherent sentence, I realize there are many positives to rejoice in.

The goals are coming along nicely for the year, including the push to break my all-time reading record. My strategy? Avoid TV Full, ask smart friends what they're reading, keep looking at all those pesky goals written on neon paper above my desk. Despite a slightly inflamed right knee that locks up a little every time I run, I am mostly cruising through training in preparing for the Race Season Yet to Be Decided 2014.

Below is my first Shelfie (January and February reading) as well as evidence that not all of us are full of hatred for the cold.



Frozen beard