I always admire people who’ve written out all their New Years Goals before New Years Eve. I’ve never been one of those people. I’ve been a little slow to finalize my goals and plans for 2014. Instead of beating myself up about this (futile and useless) I decided to take my sweet time getting organized. Happily on this Sunday I’ve finished (let’s call it a 90% completed draft) my goals and intentions for this year ahead.

Unsurprisingly, many are tied up in my new business adventure. In the categories that are " Career, Health + Personal" (I still live and die by the goal-setting I was taught long ago as an employee of lululemon) I made horribly long lists only to eventually pair them down into the most meaningful go-round of goals and intentions to fit with me this year.

Rather than bore with said endless list, here is just a snippet of the goals for 2014.


-Follow the business plan for Adesso Creative. Don't be afraid to change the business plan of Adesso Creative.

-Learn to love rejection and failure. Take it less personally. Become a better person because of it.

-Celebrate business milestones and successes. Keep chilled prosecco in fridge for such occasions.

-Adesso Creative can give a financial gift to a charity by the end of the year.

-Complete the business goals for 2014 written out on neon paper above desk.

-Travel for work.


-Race a stand-alone half marathon. No Pace-Bunnying, no pacing friends, no long-run-this-is-just-a-training-run BS. A real half race, blood sweat and tears included.

-Complete a trail running race.

-Join a Mountain Bike Club.

-Learn how to swim the butterfly without fins (i.e., achieve swimming race exit glory without worrying lifeguards that my flailing limbs are a cry for help)

-Attend yoga more frequently (beat 2013 attendance record of 8 times)


-Break personal record for number of books read in a year.

-Travel to somewhere new.

-Plant a vegetable garden.

-Volunteer for event planning for a local triathlon race.

-Take better care of my things.

My super-smart sister asked me how I was going to measure "take better care of my things" and I  decided by making an excel spreadsheet of items I was referring. I seem to be hard on my consumer goods, including but not limited to: my car, my shoes (many of which are missing heals), my jackets (buttons), my jeans (rip and wear). This will be a good exercise in mindfulness to follow through on that goal. Where some of the goals above are vague above I've written extensive notes about them on the piece of neon paper pinned above my desk. Love that professionalism of neon paper above the desk. At least I can see them every day!

Here we go! Oh, wait. We're already 19 days in.


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