My parents excitedly diagnosed me as a ‘Seven’ years ago during a weekend retreat they engaged in. This Enneagram Workshop they did was being used to provide clarity to group structure and social dynamics. Mum and Dad claimed that the Sevens were ‘My People’ and it was clear as a bell why to this personality group I belong. I come from a family of odd numbers: A Perfectionist, An Achiever, An Observer and A Peacekeeper.

As I procrastinate from the act of packing my suitcase to head back to Nevada to launch another set of trips in Death Valley, I am contemplating being a Seven (otherwise tagged as The Enthusiast or The Adventurer). 

Sevens, and I quote: "Adventurers are energetic, lively and optimistic. They want to contribute to the world. Seven's are spontaneous and free-spirited. They are outspoken and outrageous. They have the guts to take risks and try exciting adventures." I had to resist the urge to stand on my chair and cheer, give myself a high five or do some kind of ridiculous happy dance. I sound pretty freaking awesome.

However. I can see from my eyesight that I have a room full of unpacked clothes, a bike that needs attention, a work out to be done, people to contact before I leave, confirmation of a plane ticket, plans for in between trips,  and a month without work to figure out. As I read further down the page I note that Sevens also "rarely have time to complete all the things they want to do, can have problems finishing what they start, and can be ungrounded as they get lost in their multiple plans and fantasies". Erm. Well now, that does seem accurate too.

I think of all that these past few weeks have brought to me while being in Calgary. I have had the strangest and surreal moments, most beautiful and unexpected fascinating time on these days. For so much of my life these past years my adventures have hinged off my working experiences, so to have had some many incredible moments in Calgary has thrown me for a loop. A really good kind of loop.

After all, perhaps the Enthusiast Adventures types seem to find that everywhere they go?

Another time when packing as been an issue: Holly and Rebecca's room in Ireland, July '08 
Wont somebody tell the blonde girl on the left you have to flex up for the Guns Photo?