one thing at a time I don’t usually make New Years resolutions.

We were never much of a resolution family growing up, but we were extremely goal-oriented. You will notice I've indicated "Goals" as a category on my blog for this reason: it's as ingrained in my psyche as much as brushing my teeth before bed.

I gave quite a bit of thought to my goals when in Maui in December, both what I had accomplished in 2014 (beat my all-time reading record, joined a Mountain Bike club, followed Adesso Creative's business plan, traveled for work, planted a vegetable garden) and what I'd missed the mark on (attending yoga more than 8 times, run a trail race, race a stand-alone half marathon).

I decided to make one resolution for 2015 and a whole slew of goals. Goals because there is a tangibility to them, a resolution because it is a work-in-progress that I hope translates through this year to (quite literally) the rest of my life.

My resolution for 2015 is: One Thing at a Time.

It might sound diminutive. Given that I know people resolve to quit smoking, buy a home, run an ultra, this seems vague and whimsical in comparison.  The reason I have resolved To Do One Thing at a Time is this: I want to bring increased mindfulness to each day and each moment in my life. I believe a step in that direction is doing one thing at a time. I'd like this resolution, this change in me, to last forever. To date it has required much focus.

I am a multi-tasker. I sweep while talking on my iPhone. I do the laundry while ironing while doing copywriting while a loaf is baking. I text while throwing a toy for my dog, while writing my To Do list for the next day, while putting my shoes back into the closet. I paint my nails while watching a movie, while reorganizing my sock drawer.

The thing I have noticed is I don't do anything particularly well when when I am entangled in a multitude of activities. It's the difference between doing three tasks at 60% instead of one at 90-100%. At times it feels like I am accomplishing more when jugging many things, when really all I feel is unsatisfied, un-fulfilled.

While I am still working on my goals for the rest of the year, the resolution has been a daily focus and an enjoyable one. I let myself laugh when I find myself tangled up in more than one thing, and I slowly try to untangle, giving my focus first to one thing, then another.

2015 goals still to come.