And back again in time for a quick re-load before heading overseas through Toronto.

I know I am due in for some pictures and I assure you, faithful reader, they are coming. Having only one working internet portal occupied by Hillary's computer at her (our?) condo hasn't allowed for such frivolities as picture posting. Soon, soon.

I return home from Vancouver as my final stop in this crazy little trip home. July 26th feels like yesterday and now it is September 3rd and I must get ready to go. But to quote The Trews best known and only #1 hit (who I saw live in concert in Vancouver, random night with brother plus two friends, as we get into this Nike Run party with the Trews and Theory of a Deadman in downtown Vancouver, then they give us soy milk and apples for free, then Thomas' friend Spencer gets two bagels for free. And eats them. Yes folks, thats sort of how Vancouver went), "I'm not ready to go".

Its two fold, one, the actual act of packing up stuff, coordinating, organizing, weighing suitcases, figuring out weather and biking plus hiking plus formal dinners plus shoes plus boots plus computer plus sanity isn't an easy or happy, dare I say, task. Two fold, there is more I wanted to do, more people to see, more places to go. And I didn't make it all, I couldn't do it all, try as I might to spread my wings and engulf L.O.B. (life outside of Backroads) I could only do what I could, try where I could and attempt to be present through it all. Cripes. Thats a LOT for one girl (woman?) to handle.

So I am preparing myself in the best way I can for another leg of this journey. This time through Piedmont, an area I know very little about besides that Piedmont means, 'foot of the mountain', wait a sec, Piedmont has mountains?? Oh boy.

Soon, friends, I write again soon. Amore. Pace.


PS. My next blog is going to be entitled, "Isn't it totally awesome I went to Italian School for weeks in the Spring and my vocabulary is limited to words and phrases related to the gym, wine and shoes, great work on keeping up with that Holly, I am sure the completely Italian speaking contractors in Piedmont are going to be really thrilled when all you can say is, 'Hi, I am Holly, where is the weight room, can I have a lock for the door, what time is spinning class, I'd like another glass of the house red, do you like my new shoes?' "