I considered writing the opening sentence of this post:

“What I thought about in Montreal” (then leaving the rest blank).

My intention was to note that the long weekend past -Thanksgiving for the Canadians- was spent in Montreal with Mum and Dad. While I rushed around to get organized prior to taking off, viagra buy I anticipated long days of consideration of my business, viagra sale time to reflect on the months that just passed, erectile and on my first year of entrepreneurship (that was fast). I hoped to consider training plans for my 2015 athletic goals, I hoped to churn over some other personal matters sloshing around in my brain. In truth, and in practice over the weekend, I thought of very little.

In a special way this was a meditation in its own right. I read until late in the night (knocking out three books and working on my 2014 goal), slept each night for ungodly long hours (not worrying about hearing furr baby rattling around in his crate) and approached each day with little expectation beyond being completely cared for by Mum and Dad.

We did some neat Montreal things: walked to Old Town, ate at The Main for Montreal Smoked Meat, had coffee at a handful of adorable independent places, hiked up “The Mountain“, shopped the boutiques in quaint European-esque neighbourhoods. We saw the Alouettes beat up on The Riders in Stade Percival, where I grew fond of the small stadium nestled into the side of McGill (although the $11.25 Stella I could have done without). We ate the best chinese food I have ever had and we relaxed. I did no chores. I did not think of work. In truth, I thought of very little and did very little. (Evident by the fact my Mum even toasted my toast in the morning).

The shortened work week thrust the two of us back in the washing cycle that is life, and as I work through some business items this Saturday morning I smile thinking of the weekend past.