Last weekend Jon and I headed to the mainland to take part in Grey Cup festivities. Despite an aggravating start with the ferries -where I experienced my first ever feeling of “island fever“- the weekend couldn’t have been more wonderful.
During this very busy, very emotional week I have tried to take some time to reflect backwards on what a fantastic weekend I had. It's as though that weekends strength will pull me through these upcoming weeks ahead. 
We saw an incredible football game on Friday night with the Vanier Cup that ended in a double, shoot-out, overtime. The boys managed to polish off four large tubs of (refillable) popcorn. We ate out as a modified family, Thomas took us to an awesome art gallery coffee shop, I enjoyed a couple long runs through Vancouver's warm rain and we attended the Grey Cup football game. I was especially delighted to expose Jon to this, as his experience with CFL games has been limited. It was a wonderful mini-getaway across the water.
I'm still smiling!