In between writings about Kelowna, Ironman, wine, yoga and loaded guns I found this.

The first time I watched it I chuckled. By the fifth time, I was roaring with laughter.

I'm not sure why, but "Grinding the Crack" is holding my attention more these days than writing.

My Mum and I rallied a few weeks ago and put on a shower for my dear girlfriend Lisa. I do my very best not to brag (I find this especially loathsome on blogs) but in this case I can’t help it. The shower was awesome.  My renewed love of Pinterest guided us through the theme, adiposity crafts, salve décor and food choices for the brunch. (Who says that the accident was a bad thing? The large amount of extra time in my life has allowed me to organize my book shelf, figure out how to use sparkle glue, clean my closet, plan for the fall, balance my budget, and organize an elaborate and colour-coded theme shower). My sister and mum worked their tails off that morning to execute our pink-date-night themed Bridal Shower Brunch.

Lisa is a blog post unto herself, so I will spare the long-winded appreciation for her for another time. This past weekend a bunch of girls gathered out at Lake Louise campground and spend three wonderful days in the mountains. Food was consumed (including an amusing dish called “Chuckwagon MmmGood”), alcohol flowed, and long peels of laughter followed.
We dressed Lisa up for our hike and headed up to Lake Louise for the Plain of Six Glacier hike. Myself and Monica lugged up a bottle of Prosecco in my backpack and I tried my best not to play annoying tour guide, despite being completely delighted romping around my old trip leading grounds. My headaches and concussion symptoms were mostly manageable, and sleeping on the sleeping pad wasn’t as hard on my ribs as I had worried it would be.  A sweet long weekend, towards an exciting wedding in early September.