If someone had told me last September, 2006, that I would be standing in an isle in Lowe's hardware looking for industrial coffee maker timers (yes, they exist) for a camping trip through the mid-southern USA I likely would have laughed out loud.

I stand corrected.

I also had to explain to my co-leader why I couldn't go to Wal-Mart to buy the items we were sent out to search. Also on our shopping list was 4- 40 quart (ah, the USA!) pots to make food in. 120 QUARTS of oatmeal. Of boiled eggs. Of my sanity on this camping trip.

I am unsure as to the computer access I will have in the upcoming days (3 days drive to Nashville, 4 day camping trip, 3 day drive back to Salt Lake City). These are things I have learned for certain.

American Leaders are similar to Canadian Leaders in their vivaciousness, energy and enthusiasm for biking, hiking and drinking. Most of them, upon drilling, have some idea of Canada. Only a few have made fun of my accent or made a poor-taste igloo joke. One person (not the Sweden-inquiry-gal) told me that they got robbed once in Vancouver so therefore they did not like the country of Canada. I have been referred to as a half-y, a mud-blood, an American-in-denial, a crazy canuck, and 'that Canadian girl'.

Do not show up at the Warehouse on your day off if you do not want to work. You will be put to work all day instead of your lovely and idealistic plan to visit The Mormon Temple and check out 9th and 9th. I think I should have learned this in Canmore, but thus, re-learned today not to show up.

My life. Strange but true.

PS. Items I forgot for sure. 1. My headlamp (BRUTAL!~) 2. Camera connecting cord to upload pictures. Boo!