I am sitting cross-legged on my bed. I have just finished a plate of fish which I charged to the company. The Bengals are beating the Ravens and I am washing my clothes in out bathtub. We are one day out from the Davita ride, and I have since been informed that this ride is the biggest in Backroads history.

After 4 days of 12 hours PLUS of driving we skirted our way through Steamboat, Colorado; Kansas City, Kansas all the way to Nashville. I drove through Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Missouri, Kentucky, Kansas, Illinois. I saw more flat land than I cared to... but arrived via convoy here.

We managed to sneak in a bit of time in Nashville: time to see 'the strip', time to have deep-fried Catfish (BBQ, I'm told), bond with each other (I'm more at ease now) and have the longest prep-day of my life (today).

Off to Florence, Alabama and up the Natchez Trace the next five days. Next time I write will likely be after the show... maybe I can muster up some pictures. For now...

my clothing in the bathtub needs to be attended to.

Peace and BBQ.