It’s a gorgeous tuesday in Victoria, and as I plod away on the computer I can't help but be captivated by a couple videos. Plus the urgent need to go outside, but that will have to wait a little longer!

The first video was first sent to me by Mat. He always finds the most clever things online, so I always delight in his links.

Whole Foods holds a special place in my heart (cue the cheesy music here). I was first introduced to Whole Foods in 2007 by two guys I was working with in California. I then spent a large portion of four years working in Death Valley being based out of Boulder City, which happens to have a Whole Foods not more than 15 km away. I used to delight in the huge and exotic salad bar. The endless kinds of organic coffees. The cheese isle and chocolate counter. The huge wine selection. I could spend hours wandering the isles, reading labels, sampling delicious bits of food. I would go before trip for some of food buy, and return after to spend my tip money. On my last trek to Las Vegas I ran from the strip to Town Centre just so I could go to Whole Foods. Whole foods is where I learned about Kale, Kombucha, and La Croix. I also learned here that gluten free cookies can taste good, that a grocery store can make a decent burrito and that one can never have too many Whole Foods reusable bags (I own three, I bought my Mum and sister ones this year too). This video made my laugh because these gentlemen pick out all the hilarious nuances of WF and make it into a delicious parody.

I couldn't get the second video to cue up, but this link should send you to it. In honour of my last Sunday of racing where I was "washing machined" (didn't even know that was a verb) I can't but help think I might get Jon a kayak and a paddle, and hope he is up for rowing around Thetis Lake, hitting me with the paddle, so that I will be better prepared next time!